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August 2003

DVD Features

Video: 1.85:1 Audio: Dolby Digital Surround, SPANISH: Dolby Digital Mono, FRENCH: Dolby Digital Surround

Deleted Scenes
Behind-The-Scenes Footage
Audio Commentary with Al Yankovic, Director Jay Levey, Michael Richards, Emo Philips and Victoria Jackson
Music Video (“UHF”)
Production Stills
Easter Eggs
Promotional Materials

Theatrical release: 1989
DVD released on 6/4/2002 by MGM/UA
Running time of 97 minutes

Starring: Weird Al Yankovic, David Bowe, Victoria Jackson, Kevin McCarthy, Michael Richards

Director: Jay Levey

Plot: George Newman (Weird Al) is a daydreamer whose hyperactive imagination keeps him from holding a steady job… until his uncle hires him to manage Channel 62, a station that’s losing money and viewers fast. But when George replaces the station’s reruns with bizarre programs like “Wheel of Fish” and “Raul’s Wild Kingdom” (where poodles fly from third-story windows), ratings begin to soar! Can George find the money he needs to stay on the air? Stay tuned!



What the hell was I thinking when I popped this DVD into my player? Well, the first time I saw it I was about 16, and thought it was hilarious. Now the second time around, its still hilarious, only in a nostalgic weird kind of way. My wife came downstairs in the middle of the movie and said, “What the hell are you watching?” But she did stay and watch for a bit, so it can’t be that bad can it? She compared UHF to how men love the Stooges and women don’t. She just doesn’t get it. Well, neither do I. It’s a guy thing so I can’t explain it. One of life’s great mysteries I suppose.

well, in a nutshell, this now cult classic is Weird Al’s first and only attempt to export his musical comedy onto the silver screen. Good thing he stuck to the music after this. When you come right down to it, it’s a really bad flick. It does have some bright spots in it however. Frankly, this is more of an excuse to insert his music in here as the soundtrack, how convenient.

Weird Al is probably one of the worst actors around. His portrayal of George is on par with a 5th grade thespian. Hell, I can even act better than him. He’s trying to be funny, but he just can’t pull it off. Thank god he surrounded himself with good actors who actually are very funny. He’s got some wacky friends in this one.

One shouldn’t overlook this film as the start for two actors who then rose on to comedic stardom after this. Fran Drescher and Michael Richards, or Cosmo Kramer to you and me. I find Fran annoying myself, but Richards steals the movie in this one. I laugh out loud because these are the early characteristics of Kramer coming out in here. He just go nuts in here. “MY MOP!!!!”

Interlaced within the story line are all these mini skits of crazy TV shows that Newman comes up with to air on his faltering UHF station. My favorite has to be Raouls Wild Kingdom and the Conan The Librarian promo. “Don’t you know the Dewey decimal system?!” Thank god for these, or else this flick would be truly lame.

Now, even though this film is horrible, I have to admit that the extras on here are plentiful. If you just couldn’t get enough of this short movie, there’s tons extra on here. The deleted scenes section is most entertaining, because Weird Al himself tells you how silly this flick is. As long as he had a good time making this that’s what counts right? They also throw in a couple of Easter eggs, if that’s what you could call it. Now most of the time, I think commentaries can be quite dry and boring, but Al makes an effort here. It’s quite entertaining to listen to, much more than the movie itself. He did his homework, because he knows every inane useless fact about each person or set location. Maybe it’s just the ‘Weird’ part that comes out, I dunno.

Well, if your a die hard fan of Weird Al, you probably already have this DVD. If you aren’t, I highly recommend you borrow it from someone who is, and then reconsider your choice of friends.

Reviewer’s Opinion: BORROW IT!!

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