The Heartbreak Kid



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January 2008

DVD Features

Video: 2.35:1 Audio:Dolby Digital 5.1, FRENCH: Dolby Digital 5.1 SPANISH: Dolby Digital 5.1

Commentary by the Farrelly Brothers
Deleted Scenes
Gag Reel
The Farrelly Brothers in The French Tradition
Ben & Jerry
Heartbreak Halloween
The Egg Toss

Theatrical release: 10/05/2007
DVD released on 12/26/2007 by Dreamworks
Running time of 115 minutes

Starring: Ben Stiller, Malin Ackerman, Jerry Stiller, Michelle Monaghan

Director: Peter Farrelly, Bobby Farrelly

Plot: Eddie, the 40-year-old confirmed bachelor who finally says “I do” to the beautiful and sexy Lila. But during their honeymoon in Mexico, the woman of his dreams turns out to be a total nightmare, and the guy who could never pull the trigger realizes he’s jumped the gun.


If there’s one thing Hollywood likes to do best when running out of materials, it turns to the recycle and repackage routine. Take something that’s been done before, change it a bit and bam! Another movie is made. The Farrelly brothers usually make great comedic, raunchy and original films, but The Heartbreak Kid is basically a retread of their earlier hit, Something About Mary, at least to some degree. Once again, this is a film about a hopeless bachelor, Ben Stiller who finally finds love in someone who looks similar to Cameron Diaz. I’m not knocking the movie completely, I found myself laughing quite a bit mind you. But by the end, after the outrageousness factor wears off, it gets a bit old. This is after all, a retread of the old formula. But, it is a film designed to tickle your funny bone and has enough interesting twists to keep it moving, its not setting out to win any awards anyway. The Farrelly brothers talent for making comedy seems to have lost some steam as of late.

You do end up feeling sorry for Eddie (Ben Stiller) who marries a bit too soon and finds out his new bride (Malin Ackerman) is a complete wacko and he really starts to regret his decision. The story gets off to a great start, this could be the making of a quaint romantic comedy. Boy meets girl, boy is pressured by his dad and best friend to get married quickly, boy realizes his mistake on his honeymoon, boy meets another girl, awkward situations ensue. You probably tell where this film is headed, cliched unfunny situations befell our hapless hero. At least they had the tough job of filming the majority of the movie on a Mexican resort right?

There are some highlights amongst the mediocre though. Eddie Cantrow’s dad is played by Ben’s real dad Jerry Stiller. Their on screen interaction is of course a natural one, although hearing Frank Costanza talk to his son with, shall I say colorful language would even make Andrew Dice Clay blush. Its a bit jarring, but still funny. Jerry is the master of comedic timing, I just wish we saw more of him. He could have saved this movie! I can’t say anything new for his son however. As usual Ben Stiller plays the same character he does in every single one of his flicks. Watch out for that typecasting there Ben. I suppose that’s why he is a popular actor, everyone can relate to some degree. Carlos Mencia as Uncle Tito is also in here, way to play to the stereotype man. Not funny dude.

This single disc DVD package for the film is a decent one. A lot of times, studios put movies like these out quickly to capture the rental market and don’t put much effort into the extra content. For this film, on the other hand, they have added a nice smattering of extra material. There’s the commentary track, deleted scenes and the necessary gag reel which was really as lame as this movie. If you weren’t disturbed enough by some scenes in the film, do check out the Heartbreak Halloween and view various crew members in their cross dressing outfits. The egg toss segment is a bit long, but still worth a gander for a few minutes at any rate.

Overall, I would say this film is headed to the forgotten dustbin of the back shelf. If you are in the mood for comedy, and can’t find anything else to watch then this movie may be a good candidate. Or, just watch There’s Something About Mary again.

Reviewer’s Opinion: RENT IT!!

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