Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones


By: The Dweeb

December 2002

DVD Features

Video: 2.35:1 Audio: Dolby Digital EX 5.1 , Dolby Digital 2.0, French Dolby Digital 2.0, Spanish Dolby Digital 2.0, THX Mastered

Disc One
Commentary by George Lucas, Rick McCallum, Ben Burtt, Rob Coleman, Pablo Helman, John Knoll, and Ben Snow
Disc Two
Eight Deleted Scenes
“From Puppets to Pixels” Documentary
“State of the Art: The Previsualization of Episode II”
“Films are not Released; They Escape”
Three Featurettes explore Attack of the Clones storyline, action scenes and love story
Twelve part web documentary series
“Across the Stars” music video
Theatrical Teaser and Launch Trailer, and Twelve TV Spots
Theatrical Posters and Print Campaign from around the world
“R2-D2: Beneath the Dome” mockumentary Trailer
Photo Gallery with special caption feature
Episode II Visual Effects Breakdown Montage
DVD-ROM weblink to exclusive Star Wars Content

Theatrical release: 5/16/2002
DVD released on 11/12/2002 by 20th Century Fox
Running time of 142 minutes

Starring: Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Lee, Ian McDiarmid, Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman

Director: George Lucas

Plot: As now-Senator Padmé Amidala returns to Coruscant to vote on an important Senatorial matter, an assassination attempt on her life prompts the Jedi Council to send Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker to protect her and find out who the assassin is. As this is happening, a rogue Jedi named Count Dooku leads separatists on Geonosis to rebel against the Senate. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine moves for a vote for a Republic Army to protect the Republic, as there has not been a full-scale war since the formation of the Republic. As Obi-Wan’s investigations lead him to Kamino, he finds a massive clone army being produced, with a bounty hunter – the last of the Mandalorians – named Jango Fett as the master clone. As he chases the elusive bounty hunter, Jango (and his cloned son Boba) leads Obi Wan to Geonosis, where he meets Count Dooku and finds a startling revelation about the former Jedi. As Anakin is left behind to protect Padmé, his feelings for her grow into something more than friendship. From Naboo to Tatooine, it grows into love for her. But when a tragedy strikes Anakin’s life, he begins slipping away from the Light Side of the Force, and perhaps from the Force itself.

Send in the clones! This movie arrived in theatres with much anticipation by the fanboys to answer the all important question, does this suck more than Phantom Menace? Well, in my opinion, yes and no. Each film has its own unique style of suck. After the huge fan backlash stemming from the first “new” installment George has gone back to retool and improve things, or did he?

I do think its a vast improvement over the first one, much more enjoyable to watch visually. There is a lot more eye candy in here than the first one, and plenty more action, once you get past the first half of the film. That seems to be the ongoing problem with this new series, we are mired in too much political crap in a galaxy far far away. Who cares, it makes for a really boring film. I didn’t come drooling to sit there and listen to galactic budget speeches. I want action and adventure throughout, Lucas made it more complicated than necessary I think, the story could have focused a lot more on the characters.

Therein lies the other problem, the characters. Even though George employs some first rate actors in here, it feels like I’m watching driftwood float by on an endless digital backdrop. It’s no fault of their own, I blame the director and writer for this. Everything is so formulaic and well, crappy. Some of the worst lines in movie history were delivered in here, it was so painful to watch I actually skipped an entire chapter because I didn’t want to sit through it again! “I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. Not like here. Here everything is soft and smooth.” Ugh!!!

Allrighty, enough complaining, there are still positives to this movie. Of course, George has outdone himself again the technical arena. The special effects and backdrops are just stunning, more so than Phantom. I felt like I was staring into a painting or something. I do have to say the digital version of Yoda is way cool. I give my props to the ILM mouse jockeys, job well done.

And when you see action in this flick, he means it. The final climax of the film is a sight to behold. One of the best battle sequences of all the films takes place in here. He also gives another great lightsabre duel. If you haven’t seen the film yet you may either laugh or cry at the sight of Yoda kicking some Jedi ass. I think it was pretty cool myself.

Naturally this DVD is superior in picture quality and sound. Since it was all digital to begin with, it transfers perfectly to the DVD format. If you want to wake up the neighborhood, this film is it. I love the audio from the Jango Fett depth charges. Cool stuff.

There are also a lot of other things to watch in the form of extras as well. Once again, he includes spiffy menus to navigate and lots of easter eggs. I have only found 2 so far, I’m sure there are plenty more. There are plenty of documentaries on here, but they didn’t include one like on Phantom, which showed just raw behind the scenes footage. I really liked that. Also included is all the material from the web site that appeared periodically during production. So basically, you could spend quite a while browsing all the material.

Okay, so my overall opinion? Better than Phantom but still a long ways off from the originals. The end of the film is a nice reward for dealing with the first half, so you don’t walk away cheated. The technical aspects alone warrant the purchase of this movie.

Reviewer’s Opinion: BUY IT!!

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