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DVD Features

Video: 2.35:1 Audio:Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Surround, DTS Surround

Hilarious Bloopers & Outtakes
Inside the Actors Studio Spoof
Outrageous Deleted Scenes Including: Meet Frank’s “Soul Mate”-She’s a Doll, Peek Inside the Locker Room, Beanie’s True Colors, Welcome To Old School-Now Get Undressed
Nominations and Awards-So Did We Win Anything? Commentary From the Stars and Director

Theatrical release: 2/21/2003
DVD released on 6/10/2003 by Universal Studios
Running time of 92 minutes

Starring: Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson

Director: Todd Phillips

Plot: What’s a guy supposed to do when he catches the early flight home and finds his girlfriend in a bed with a roomful of strangers? Return to college and start a fraternity! Before you can say “wild and wet wrestling”, Frank “The Tank” (Will Ferrell) Mitch (Luke Wilson) and Beanie (Vince Vaughn) have their own frat raging with out-of-control antics. But when things get too wild, the dean sets out to shut them down. The laughs are top of the class (even if the guys aren’t)!



Oh man, what a crazy movie this was, and hilarious. I guess if they decided to redo Animal House and bring up to the current day, this would be the end result. At least, I thought they were trying to be like Animal House in a twisted sort of way. I kind of got lost as far as the plot was concerned, it became merely one excuse to have gags after another. I think there was an underlying subplot of the evil Dean trying to get rid of the fraternity that completely ripped off Animal House. But they didn’t spend too much time on that part. More importantly, it shows how middle aged white men cannot go back to college and party hard without looking like idiots.

Yeah, it’s not Oscar material, but it makes for a fun romp. I had lots of chuckles because it is so outrageous and raunchy, lot’s of girlies without shirts if you know what I mean. But did we really have to see Will Ferrell’s butt so much? I mean, he’s funny and all, but not pretty to look at. I can’t believe he runs marathons and looks like that still. But he does steal the show, as Frank “The Tank”, he goes a bit overboard and his new bride decides kick him out for a while. They never really dive too deeply into that relationship or explain why she goes to a “class”. Well, I won’t mention here what kind of class it is, see for yourself.

Vince Vaughn is also great in here, borrowing heavily from his Swingers performance, he’s the wise ass millionaire ringmaster. He apparently isn’t happy with his family and wants to live vicariously through Mitch’s life. My favorite is whenever his kids are with him and he barks “Earmuffs” to so he can say naughty words in front of them. The end is priceless also as he is a bit too serious as a coach for little league soccer.

As far as technical aspects, I didn’t see any problems with it. I can’t believe they even bothered to master this in a DTS track, whats the point? So we can accurately hear the beer cans opening? If you can’t get enough of this movie there are also a ton of extras to watch. The deleted scenes are also hilarious as well as the rest of the features. But, the Inside the Actors Studio is stupid and dull. I think they were trying a bit too hard to be funny, but it wasn’t. It works better on SNL I think.

So, if you are into silly and stupid films, this movie is it. I think most people may not find it that funny, so I think a rental rating is probably even pushing it. I enjoyed it at least.

Reviewer’s Opinion: RENT IT!!

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