Jumper Special Edition


By: The Dweeb

June 2008

DVD Features

Video: 2.40:1 Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1, Spanish Dolby Digital 2.0, French Dolby Digital 2.0

Digital Copy of The Film
Audio commentary with Doug Liman
Jumping Around The World
Jumping from Novel to Film
Making an Actor Jump
Previz: Future Concepts
David’s Story Animated Graphic Novel
Bonus footage

Theatrical release: 2/14/2008
DVD released on 6/10/2008 by 20th Century Fox
Running time of 110 minutes

Starring: Diane Lane, Jamie Bell, Rachel Bilson, Samuel L. Jackson, Hayden Christensen

Director: Doug Liman

Plot: David is a Jumper who can teleport himself anywhere in the world, which creates a fun and exciting life. But things turn deadly when David finds himself pursued by a secret organization sworn to kill Jumpers. Forming an uneasy alliance with another Jumper he becomes a player in a war that has been raging for thousands of years.

Doug Liman is no stranger to making great action movies, with credits such as the Bourne franchise and Mr. And Mrs. Smith, he now comes up with this film adapation of the same name. I just have to ask one thing..what happened between here and those films? Jumper is a very interesting concept, something that’s probably great on paper but when turned into celluloid form it becomes this giant incoherent mess. I felt this film had so much potential, the concept is pretty cool but the writing just left too many gaps making for a bumpy ride, literally. I spent quite some time trying to figure out what the heck was going on and no time was spent filling in the back story, which seemed to be huge and could have opened up this film even more. How does David teleport himself? How many people can do this as well? Who are these ‘Paladin’ guys and why do they hunt them? Why am I watching this film?Jumper

Doug Liman is no stranger to giving us action, and spends a lot of time putting these elaborate sequences together making for a dizzy experience. But stringing together some cool stuff does not make for a good story, you just end up with a Michael Bay movie. Its visual junk food, and it may taste great but in the end you get a stomachache. I was looking for something more. I also could not get past the huge pile of technical inaccuracies that litter the film. In one sequence in Tokyo they steal a Mercedes, the wheel is on the wrong side. In another they make a jump from one side of the planet to the other, yet it was night for both.

Jumper I don’t think he used his cast to its fullest potential, he had some great actors in here that were just wasted. Samuel L Jackson in a white wig? This is Samuel Friggin L. Jackson people! Oh come on that was just awful. As the main bad guy in the film he has been reduced to chasing around a couple of guys and showing his trademark bad Mofo stare. We’ve seen this character before, although ever since Pulp Fiction he’s been running with this one and it seems to keep working no matter what film it is. Doug also made a mistake in casting Hayden Christensen in the lead role as David. It was like watching driftwood make leaps around the world. I’m sorry, but when you pit him against other actors like Jackson he doesn’t stand a chance. Does this guy have any emotional range? I thought it was just a Star Wars thing, George Lucas’s fault you know? Nope! Its him that can’t seem to do the job. Sorry Hayden, I’m not sure you are cut out for a lead role.

The film itself is full of some neat imagery and special effects. Lots of eye candy but that just can’t seem to save this film from poor writing and acting. Sooner or later the audience will see through it, I certainly did. As far as extra material is concerned, there is the usual stuff included, and certainly plenty of stuff to dive into if that is your thing. Fox is now also giving viewers the choice to watch the film in a digital version on a portable device of your choosing, but I’m not sure I would want to see this film again. One disturbing new trend I see is the autorun feature of the disc. Instead of coming attractions, we now get an ad! Whats up with that Fox? We don’t get enough everywhere else so now we need it on movie DVD’s? Aren’t there enough product shots in the movie to compensate? Boo! Hiss!

For a sci-fi action film I suppose it could pass muster, there are far worse alternatives out there.

Reviewer’s Opinion: RENT IT!!

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