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March 2004

DVD Features

Video: Widescreen 1.85:1, Fullscreen 1.33:1 Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround, French Dolby Digital 2.0

Behind-the-Scenes Special
Deleted Scenes

Theatrical release:9/26/2003
DVD released on 3/02/2004 by Disney/ Buena Vista
Running time of 97 minutes

Starring:  Drew Barrymore, Ben Stiller, Eileen Essell, Harvey Fierstein, James Remar, Justin Theroux

Director: Danny DeVito

Plot: Young and vibrant New Yorkers Alex (Stiller) and Nancy (Barrymore) have just found the perfect place to settle down and share a bright future. But their new home comes with a permanent fixture they didn’t expect: an obnoxious elderly tenant who won’t move out and refuses to die! Pushed to the edge of insanity as their dream home turns into a nightmare, it’s only a matter of time before Alex and Nancy begin to entertain some truly sinister solutions to their problem!



OK, I have to be honest here (and when am I not?), I was not expecting much from this one. Okay, lets put in another silly mindless movie I thought. I love it when I’m wrong, as far as movie expectations goes. Shhh don’t tell the wife I said that. Sure its predictable, sort of. It must have been funny to me because I can relate to what this poor couple went through with lousy upstairs neighbors, I’ve had plenty in my day. Thank god I’m in a house now!

Duplex stars Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore, who is basically along for the ride as Ben works his shtick on screen. Stiller plays the typical role he always seems to do. Like in Meet the Parents or There’s Something About Mary, where he is just this normal average guy with a permanent rain cloud over his life. That Mrs. Connelly (Eileen Essell) really gives him a beating throughout this film, I felt so sorry for him. He is hilarious though. His best moment is when he freaks out in the restaurant. That’s classic Stiller.

Drew Barrymore’s Nancy, is well basically Drew Barrymore. She has her moments, but I think her primary role is to be the cutie wife. Isn’t that what she has been in movies since day one? Playing the cute innocent stuff I mean, we’ve seen this in her other recent films as well like in The Wedding Singer. Smile and giggle for the camera! At least she doesn’t get annoying and she does take her share of the licks from Mrs. Connelly as well.

This edition of Duplex is a double disc set. Why I don’t know as there isn’t really that much in terms of extras on here, they could have probably could have done it on one DVD. The other DVD is just the full frame version and nothing else. The only extras included are the deleted scenes and the standard making of promotional featurette. The rest is just a page with promotions for Miramax. Obviously this release is geared more towards the rental market, I doubt a special edition is really necessary. What else could you do with this type of film? I found myself laughing pretty hard at times, but not in a milk gushing out of my nose funny. This one is worth at least checking out once.

Reviewer’s Opinion: RENT IT!!

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