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January 2005

DVD Features

Video: 2.35:1 Audio: : Dolby Digital 5.1, Spanish Dolby Digital 2.0, French Dolby Digital 2.0

Feature Length Commentary by Writer/Director Rawson Marshall Thurber and Actors Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn
Deleted/Extended Scenes with Optional Commentary by Writer/Director Rawson Marshall Thuber
Alternate Ending with Optional Commentary by Writer/Director Rawson Marshall Thurber
DVD-ROM Content – Dodgeball Screenplay
Bloopers/Gag Reel, Featurettes, Trailers

Theatrical release: 6/18/2004
DVD released on 12/07/2004 by 20th Century Fox
Running time of 92  minutes

Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn

Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber

Plot: Under the painful tutelage of legendary ADAA champ, Patches O’Houlihan, Peter LaFleur and his Average Joes take on the Purple Cobras, led by egomaniacal fitness guru, White Goodman.



Ready! Set! Write! Oh wait, Uh Dodgeball! My expectations for comedies as of late has been at an all time low, especially ones with Ben Stiller. He has made one stinker after another lately, and finally he redeems himself somewhat with this movie. Is Dodgeball dumb and stupid? Sure, but it got some laughs out of me. Not those deep belly laughs mind you, more like a steady stream of chuckles. Dodgeball is a movie for a Friday night, a six pack and some pizza with nothing else to do. I think this fills the bill quite nicely.

If a wrench hitting someone’s crotch isn’t funny to you, then don’t bother. The whole movie is like a crotch shot, its crude, crass and doesn’t hold much back. Why is watching somebody get pummeled in the groin always so funny? Because we’re just glad that wasn’t us getting hit? If science doesn’t have an answer, then we will just never know will we.

Dodgeball has a very simple plot, nothing new here as we’ve seen this countless times before. A bunch of losers and misfits must overcome some great challenge to redeem themselves, and further champion the geek cause. Naturally the outcome is easy to predict, but the fun is in watching them get to that point. This movie has some funny bits, mostly in physical humor and its filled with some really quirky characters.

The two main characters played by Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller are mostly forgettable. Vince is just playing himself, essentially the same guy in almost all of his movies. But Ben tries to stretch a bit and play an overzealous fitness guy where the novelty wears off in about the first minute. This movie is saved by some great cameos and the wacky performances of everyone else. My two favorites are Justin (Justin Long) and Gordon (Stephen Root), man can those two guys take a hit! Justin by far is the scene stealer, his hyperactive cheerleader bit just kills me. Hilarious stuff. If that wasn’t enough, they were able to procure cameos of two of the biggest cheese balls in Hollywood. Worlds collide when William Shatner and David Hasselhoff both share the same set, a sight to behold!

For the DVD itself there isn’t much to write about. The package comes in standard form with the usual promotional filler used as extras. You do get the gag reel, deleted scenes and a few looks at what could have been the ending. According to IMDB, there is also a unique cookie included when you watch the movie, something I missed and will have to check out. But would I sit through this again? Probably not.

Reviewer’s Opinion: RENT IT!!

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